List of XMPP Servers

I have recently made the switch to Jabber (XMPP) for private communications. I have decided to use this page as my own way to maintain a personal list of reliable services. One thing I immediately noticed is how unreliable some of them are.

They all seem to have different settings. Some will accept messages from any other server, others will automatically block messages from users that you have not already approved (they need to be in your contact list).

My Big List of Public XMPP Servers

If you have any servers you think should be added, please feel free to email me or leave a comment!

Server NameComments
blackjabber.ccHosted in Russia – May cater to hackers
blackjabber.coHosted in Russia – May cater to hackers
blackjabber.ruHosted in Russia – May cater to hackers
blm.imBlack Lives Matter!
chatme.imFast, easy registration
chatme.xyzFast, easy registration
creep.imSeems unstable
jabber.calyxinstitute.orgHigh privacy focus. Very reliable
jabber.uaSeems to no longer be active
jabber.ggFast, easy registration. of domain options to choose
jabberx.ccPersonal Favorite – Swiss based, Privacy focus
jabberx.ioPersonal Favorite – Swiss based, Privacy focus
jabberx.netPersonal Favorite – Swiss based, Privacy focus
jabbim.comPrivacy focused, in Switzerland
riseup.netRequires invitation
og.imMay cater to hackers or illegal activity
securechat.bePrivacy focused with multiple locations
securechat.ruPrivacy focused with multiple locations
securechat.suPrivacy focused with multiple locations
swissjabber.orgSwitzerland based chat
swissjabber.chSwitzerland based chat
xmpp.aeFast registration, easy name
xmpp.ggFast registration, easy name
xmpp.isFast registration, easy name
xmpp.jpSlow at times. Unstable. Can be difficult to register.
xmppx.ioPart of JabberX network
xmppx.ruPart of JabberX network

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